9/5 Wes Campbell

8/22 Mass on the Grass 

8/15 "Be Exceptional"

7/25 "Knowing Your Purpose" 

6/28 "Lord, make me uncomfortable" Psalm 51:10

6/6 "Shake It Off" 

5/16- "The Most Important Part of the Day" 

8/8 "Praying Boldly... For Freedom"

8/1 "Praying Boldly"

7/18 "Not How I Feel, But What I Know" 

7/11 "Needs vs. Wants"

6/20 "Wants Vs. Needs" Philippians 4:19

6/13 "Building Mental Toughness"

5/30 "Are You Doing Your Best"

5/23 "God Pouring Out His Spirit"

5/9/21 "My Mom... My Friend"

5/2/21 'Tell me how I'm driving"

4/25/21- "Dare to be Different" 

1/31/21- "All Things Being Made New"

1/10/2021 "2021... the year of God's Favor (Part II)"

12/20/20 "Jesus... the way to Peace"   *The sound is muted for a portion of it, don't worry, it comes back on! 

4/18/21 "We have got to get this right... Love" 

4/11/21 "Your Way... My Way... and the Right Way"

Isaiah 43:1-2 "Fear Not!"

1/17/21 "Many Parts.... One Body"

1/3/21- "2021... the year of God's favor (part 1)"

12/13/20 "That Your Joy May Be Complete"

12/27- "Now that Christmas is over, what do we do next?"

12.6.20 "How Will They Know?"

11/29-Mark Wither's "An Attitude of Gratitude" 

11/22/20 "Just Say "Yes!"

11/15 "Those who shaped you"

Mark Withers 11/8/20 "Stick with the Plan" 

11/1/20 Mark Withers "I'm For Real"

10/18/20 Mark Withers- "Greater Than Me Part II"

10/11/20 Mark Withers 

10/25/20 Mark Withers "I'm All In" 

10/4/20- Pastor Chad Schuitema

9/12 Say the Name